Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if my feet are ticklish?
Reflexologists use a firm pressure so generally there is no tickling sensation, but if your feet are particularly sensitive then hand reflexology can be used instead.


What if I have a verruca or athletes foot?
Small areas can be covered up with a plaster, but if necessary hand reflexology can be given.


Do I need to go home and rest after a treatment?
Since a reflexology treatment is usually very relaxing, it is advisable to go home and take it easy depending on how you feel.
I usually advise to have Reflexology treatments in the afternoon or evening so that you can relax for the rest of the day and experience the full benefits of Reflexology


Do I need to be aware of anything following a treatment?
Most people feel refreshed and energised but a few people may feel lethargic, nauseous or tearful after a treatment. This is just transitory and will pass in a short space of time, and reflexologists believe that this is all part of the healing process.


Is there anything I need to do after a reflexology treatment?
You may be given some aftercare advice which will include being asked to drink plenty of water in order to flush out toxins that may be mobilised during a reflexology treatment.


Is reflexology suitable for everyone?
Reflexology is a holistic, natural therapy which may be received by anyone of any age. There may be times when it is not suitable and you will be advised if this is the case.

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