Foot Reflexology

Reflexologists believe that reflex points on the feet represent different parts of the body

By working on these reflexes we may affect the corresponding areas of the body, bringing the body back into balance and encouraging the body to heal itself.

Firm pressure is applied during the treatment. This ensures that the reflexes are accessed correctly and that you don't feel as though you are being tickled.

You will remain fully clothed during this treatment with only your feet uncovered while lying on a treatment couch.

The feet are rich in nerve endings, which is why they are traditionally used by reflexologists to stimulate the flow of energy throughout the body - but whether they work on your hands or your feet, the therapy may help to clear out energy blockages to prevent or help treat illness. (energy is "the life force, also known as "chi" to the Chinese, "ki" to the Japanese, and "prana" to Hindus)




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